Safety Procedures

Before participating in any First State Ice Hockey event at the Skating Club of Wilmington, please familiarize yourself with our (and the Club’s) following safety procedures. Your cooperation is expected and appreciated.

Those who do not comply will be reminded of the protocols; those who refuse to comply will be asked to leave the Club without a refund.

• Plan on entering the Club 10 minutes before your session begins. Players are advised to arrive ready to skate and fully dressed, except for skates and helmet.

• After your session is finished, exit by way of the designated exit so as to minimize unnecessary close contact with other skaters.

• Do not come to the Club if you are feeling ill, have a temperature, or have been exposed to someone who has or may have COVID-19.

• Hand washing and/or sanitizing should be performed prior to entry, upon entry, and frequently (as appropriate) while in the Club.

• Physical distancing is required at all times, both on and off the ice.

• Masks must be properly worn (that is, covering the nose and mouth) in order to enter the building. Staff, coaches and parents must wear masks at all times, as must anyone not on the ice. Masks will be optional for skaters while on the ice; coaches must wear masks while on and off the ice.

• Arrive dressed and ready to skate. Skaters will be assigned a specific seat and area for use when they are off the ice.

• Only one parent or guardian for each player will be permitted in the building. Siblings, friends or others are not allowed in the Club. If present, the parent or guardian must stay within their skater’s assigned seating area and wear a mask. No filming from the boards is permitted.

• All possessions, including water bottles and other equipment, must be left in your seating area. (That is, no water bottles at the bench!)

• At the end of your on-ice slot, do not change out of your hockey gear (aside from removing skates and helmet) while in the building. Wait until you are outside and at your vehicles if you wish to change before returning home. Goalies, use common sense.