Welcome to the online home of First State Ice Hockey. Here, you can learn about our mission to grow youth hockey in the First State, our concern about the current state of the game in Delaware, and our unique statewide approach to making the game better for every Delaware youth who sets foot on the ice.

Sign Up For 2024 Spring-Summer Programs!

Registration is open for our 2024 spring-summer programs, including tournament teams and the return of our Accelerated Skills Advancement Program, all at the Patriot Ice Center, in Newark, Del.! Follow the links below for details and to reserve your spot!

About First State Ice Hockey

First State Ice Hockey, LLC, was formed in 2019 when four individuals in the Delaware ice hockey community joined forces to make the sport of ice hockey more accessible to all Delaware youth, and to provide paths for players to reach their fullest potential.

Learn more about who we are and our unique approach to growing youth hockey in Delaware.

Our Mission

First State Ice Hockey is committed to:

building youth hockey in Delaware by creating opportunities for more Delaware youth to play ice hockey

promoting a unified statewide goal of helping every participant strive toward their full potential

providing fun, inviting and fulfilling opportunities for each player to develop, regardless of age and skill level

Our Programs


FSIH presents a variety of player development opportunities all season long, from focused clinics to all-round multi-week courses — all designed to build better all-round hockey players.

Spring/Summer Tournament Teams

FSIH has fielded competitive tournament teams in the summers of 2021 and 2022, and will do so again in 2024.